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What is the true national sport of Wales?

The debate about the true national sport of Wales has been raging for years between rugby and football fans. But a new book claims that the first and true national sport of Wales is neither of these, but the little less know sport of Handball.

In industrial Wales Hanbdball (or Pêl-law) was the predominant sport – drawing crowds of thousands to watch the game that could be described as similar to squash, but without the rackets. Courts were to be seen in many parts of the Welsh valleys and it was played in yards of pubs in front of betting spectators. The game was a national obsession, with people travelling from far and wide to watch thrilling matches between the sporting heroes of the day, and fortunes being won and lost through side stakes and gambling.

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20/05/2017: Y Lolfa 50th Birthday Party
It is our pleasure to invite you to Y Lolfa's 50th birthday party in the company of...

Geraint Lovgreen a'r Enw Da
Ail Symudiad
and Elin Jones AM, Presiding Officer
of the Welsh Assembly

With a retro Welsh disco

Held at Marine Hotel, Aberystwyth at 8pm on Saturday, May 20th 2017

Bring a friend! The event is free and open to anyone.

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